Benefits Offered by Building Inspection Companies

Building & Pest Inspections, also known as Building & pest Inspectors is leading independent specialists in house and building inspections. These professional companies inspect homes, buildings, and commercial spaces with the latest technology for high-quality results and value for money. They are not just another building maintenance company providing a quick fix; pest and building inspections in brisbane are an integrated team committed to building health and safety and delivering a one-stop service. They have embraced the green movement with their core philosophy of environmental friendliness and community benefit. In addition, they work with many other professional services such as: historic preservation, sustainable building & landscape design, energy performance, sustainable building & pest inspection, and lead management. When you choose building & pest, you will not only get the best, but you will have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the building & pest company that is the most qualified to deliver the inspection and cleanliness you deserve.

Whether it’s a building & pest inspections for residential or commercial property or pre-purchase building & pest inspections for condos, duplexes, mobile homes or townhouses, they work closely with qualified professionals to ensure thorough and timely inspection and cleaning of your property. Professional building & pest inspections cover all types of buildings and structures from simple office buildings, schools, hospitals, elder care facilities, retail stores, manufacturing plants to luxury estates and beach and resort condos. Their expert knowledge of local building codes and regulations helps them to customize their approach to each project to maximize the safety and efficiency of their project while providing value for their clients.

Building & Pest Inspectors are fully licensed to inspect all types of buildings and their components: chimneys, plumbing, drainage systems, heating & cooling, electrical, insulation, water treatment, and solid or permeable barriers. For many years, they have provided their wide variety of building & pest inspections and inspection services to both commercial and residential clients. Their expert knowledge and understanding of local building regulations allow them to perform inspections as per local guidelines and in accordance with state health & safety requirements. They are also knowledgeable about any warranty or homeowner’s program that may be in place and can make recommendations to you regarding these matters.

Building & Pest Inspectors is proud to provide free consultation and do-it-yourself inspections in California and Florida. They will assess your property and then develop a tailored plan to help you achieve maximum protection from pests. They are committed to building a relationship with their clients by addressing their individual building needs and providing recommendations based on their assessment. They are not obligated to hire outside help in the form of an inspector to verify the work and present you with their recommendation, however, if a professional should be employed to perform an inspection and recommend that you contract out the work, they would not perform the inspection themselves and would only receive a portion of the payment if their recommendation resulted in you contracting the pest inspection out to a company who is fully licensed and has all the necessary certification and permits in place to perform the work. This is important to know if you are considering having your building & pest inspected out.

In addition to providing free consultations and do it yourself inspections in Florida and California, they also perform annual inspections and may even have advanced technologies that will provide you with more detailed information than the basic inspection. For instance, some inspections in the Golden Coast area will utilize metal detectors that will give an electronic image of the interior of your building or the pests inside. If there is a problem, the images can be provided to a technician who works out-of-state to conduct an inspection and identify the problem. This can save you both time and money as opposed to calling an inspection company in your local area, spending money for an out-of-state technician, then having them return to your location to do the same inspection.

Other services offered by the building & pest inspection companies in the Florida and California areas include the preparation of termite identification reports to be filed by your property with the Department of Agriculture (USDA). For property owners that do not have a building permit or insurance, an individual or company can prepare this report. The building & pest inspection companies in these two states also prepare termite reports if a building permit has been obtained but the termites have not been detected.